• Corporate strategy development plans  to determine your unique global talent pathway and goals.
    • Expatriate development and effectiveness programmes
    • The expatriate spouse and family programmes
    • Expatriate youth programmes
    • Expatriate fit profiles for personal expatriate development
    • Expatriate development and competencies
    • Repatriation programmes
    • International effectiveness programmes for the international businessperson
    • International Mobility Management and strategy programmes
    • Joint venture relationship facilitation programmes
    • International management programmes
    • Intercultural decision making and negotiation
    • Cross cultural awareness & tolerance programmes – Cultural intelligence (focused on the international scene)
    • Language training
    • Country briefings
    • Expatriate checklists
    • Expatriate climate surveys
    • Expatriate consultancy and partnering

Expatriate Preparation has been running programmes since 1995 and has gained valuable experience in the field.

We have prepared over 2500 expatriates and their families for assignments in 53 countries throughout the world.

We have travelled to all 53 countries doing research.

We have also trained and developed over 1000 business people for international business.

Our clients are companies which are held in high regard both in South Africa and globally.