O-GTN Series – Online – Getting to Know Series

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This online course is designed to give you a few basic insights into Nigeria. It is not designed as a comprehensive lesson at all but it is rather meant to act as a seed to stimulate you to want to learn more about the country yourself and to widen your knowledge base.

Working internationally is not an easy task, but for the unprepared it can be even harder. We hope that some of the content of this course can be put to good use by helping you show the host nationals (locals) that you have made some effort to get to know them and their country. By doing this you are showing them that you are not an arrogant nor ethnocentric assignee and you should get positive rewards more often than not. Doing the O-iSP (International Skills Programme) in conjunction with this course will give you additional skills and improve your performance.

Kevan Hawley - Managing Director - Expatriate Preparation


Expatriate Preparation

We develop Global Workforces for their international assignments all over the world. We have been developing various categories of international assignees for over 20 years and have many blue chip clients.