Our Focus

Our focus since 1995 has been to save organisations money in failed international assignment costs by helping them through the process of what we call “PROACTIVE EXPATRIATE MANAGEMENT

This is the process of identifying all the key issues involved in the expatriation process and actively ensuring that they are correctly addressed prior to the globalisation process commencing and/or before you send employees into a foreign country.

At a cost of approximately US$450 000, relocating your expatriates is serious business.

Fact: 30 – 40 % of all expatriate contracts fail (where failure is defined as not just returning home but also sitting out the term of the contract unproductively – “brownouts”).

60% of the 40 % can be attributed to issues surrounding the spouse and children.

It is essential that the International Human Resources Manager sees to it that the management of the contract is executed professionally and pro-actively.

The impact of a failed expatriate contract is felt heavily on the bottom line as well as on the family structures.

The goal of the International Mobility Manager (IMM) is to reduce the chance of failure through whichever means possible.

The subcomponents in Proactive Expatriate Management are many and complex and need to be identified and addressed appropriately if you are going to be globally astute.

We also focus on developing your support staff, your international business executives (read here to learn how we tailor our programs to the demanding needs of business people) and the rest of your global workforce.

We have been consulting and running programmes for the past 20 years and have gained valuable experience in the field.

We have prepared over 2500 expatriates for over 53 different countries throughout the world and have travelled to over 53 countries doing research.

Our clients are companies which are held in high regard both in South Africa and worldwide.