O-iDEP Series – Online- international Development and Effectiveness Programmes

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This online program - O-iDEP Uganda is designed to give you tools and insights into the theory of living and working in a foreign environment. It will also give you some country insights which are good to understand.

This programme is designed to aid you in becoming a more effective international assignee. It will also help you get maximum enjoyment out of your assignment overseas and if you understand the issues and practice the skills set out you will become a more marketable and effective assignee. Enjoy the learning experience and please don't hesitate to communicate with us if you have and questions.

Kevan Hawley - Managing Director - Expatriate Preparation



Expatriate Preparation

We develop Global Workforces for their international assignments all over the world. We have been developing various categories of international assignees for over 20 years and have many blue chip clients.