EDEP™ – Expatriate Development and Effectiveness Programme

According to research approximately 30% of expatriate assignments fail (where failure is defined as not only returning home early but also sitting out assignments ineffectively). The reasons for these failed assignments are numerous and complex. Through effective training and development using our EDEP the risks of expatriate assignment failure can be minimised and managed.

At a cost to company of approximately US$ 400 000 per family in the first year, expatriating a family is an expensive game. Besides this monetary cost, an expatriate assignment has a huge impact on the individual as well as the expatriate’s family and marriage.

Expatriate Preparation’s mission aims to ensure that the above impacts are minimized. The EDEP is designed to help minimise failure rates as well as increase the productivity and wellness of the international assignee and his/her family.

The EDEP programme focuses on the management science behind expatriation both on a personal and professional level. A broad range of key topics relating to expatriation are covered in combination with case studies that are designed to highlight and create discussion around the key causes of assignment failure. Assignees are equipped with tools and mindsets that enable them to adjust to and manage their assignment more effectively.

The EDEP programme is an intensive residential programme run over two and a half days and it is essential that the employee and his/her family attend. Research indicates that as much as 60% of expatriate assignment failures can be attributed to issues surrounding the spouse and children. Children are included in the programme where a customised youth programme is run for them as they too often struggle to adjust to their new environment.

Expatriate Preparation provides post training mentorship and counseling to expatriates and their families.

Follow ups are conducted on a regular basis and Expatriate Preparation prides itself on the strong relationships it builds and maintains with expatriates and their families.

We as an organisation place great importance and emphasis on partnering with Human Resource Management in order to develop an effective and successful global workforce.

Expatriate Preparation has been consulting to corporates and running development programmes since 1995 and has gained valuable experience in the field of expatriation. We have prepared more than 2000 expatriates for over 50 different countries throughout the world and have traveled to all of those countries doing research.

Please feel free to call us with any questions as we would love to explain more about how we can partner with you to develop your expatriates into world class human capital.