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The “Career expatriate”. By Kevan Hawley – Managing Director of Expatriate Preparation. I have often wanted to debate this terminology which is so often used in our fraternity and so the time has come.         So often in the past 21 years of training and developing global workforces I have come across […]

The Global employee orchestra – ROI and the saxophone.   Over the 21 years of working with and developing global workforces I have had many debates with clients on how one measures the return on investment (ROI) of global employee assignments. Executives are demanding HR to give them a worth or a measure of these […]

Developing and retaining global talent – by Kevan Hawley: Managing Director of Expatriate Preparation. Written for the South African executive and team NOW IS THE TIME to ensure that we have the right people for our expansions into Africa and the rest of the world. So many organisations are engaged in what we call “reactive global talent […]

10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Moving to IsraeBy JENNIFER LANG 1. That you need thick skin. Impatient drivers beep at you before the light turns green; aggressive schoolchildren try to cut in line; clerks raise their voices—in the supermarket, at the garage, in the bank—often with a rough, gruff tone. The term sabra, […]