About us

We Develop Global Workforces.

Expatriate Preparation International was founded 24 years ago in 1995 and is proudly run by its directors who have themselves lived as international assignees and therefore have a deep insight into living and working offshore.

Having worked for South African Breweries as a senior executive the Founder truly understands what it’s like to work in the corporate domain and has put international management theory into practice.

This is essential for programme legitimacy as one cannot effectively develop and support global workforces if the facilitators themselves have never been on an international assignment. Only traveling to countries doesn’t help get the deep insights necessary to effectively build global citizens.

Our course content is therefore more insightful and is more meaningfully put across to delegates and families through personal anecdotes.

All programmes are coordinated, run and overseen personally by its directors together with various qualified staff. We have prepared over 2500 assignees for their assignments in 54 countries around the world. We take great pride in having visited all 54 countries for research purposes and to get first-hand insights so as to better prepare our assignees.

Expatriate Preparation International has developed many proprietary modules and programmes to assist all members of the global workforce and not only expatriates but for all players in the global workforce game………

  • Expatriates,
  • STAs,
  • Business people,
  • Mobility staff,
  • Line management,
  • Line HR,
  • In-country local staff,
  • CEOs
  • and Joint venture partners


Kevan Hawley holds a B.Sc degree as well as a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership and wrote his final year dissertation on “The Key Success Factors for Expatriate Management in Africa”. He worked for SAB as a senior production executive for 13 years. Kevan has been an expatriate, has travelled extensively (54 countries) and understands global life well.